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Visual Effects

Brocade firework effect
Common term that describes an effect of woven gold clusters usually bound together within a star burst.

Chrysanthemum firework effect
A perfectly spherical burst of tailed stars, very much like the flower it represents.

Comet firework effect
A star or other projectile which leaves a glittering, persistent trail behind it.

Crossette firework effect
A set of stars that each split into four or five stars and leave a trail as they map the skies.

Green Bees
Green Bees firework effect
A swarm or cluster of points of light that move and dissipate under their own power. Similar to Fish but less vigorous and generally less persistent.

Glitter firework effect
A constant spray of strobing glitter effect usually referring to cones and fountains

Palm firework effect
Bright arms of cascading, long lasting starts, shaped to permeate outward like the branches of a palm tree, usually made up of gold or silver stars.

Pearls firework effect
A set of bright glowing stars that do not leave a trail but silently rise and dissolve into the heavens.

Peony firework effect
Well used term to describe a perfect expanding sphere to stars that usually change colour as they burst outwards.

Pistil firework effect
A central effect sometimes palm like that can be added to a Peony or Chrysanthemum for bigger impact.

Silver Fish
Silver Fish firework effect
Invariably silver and preceded by a beautiful blue tracer star, they wriggle and swim away from the centre in a silently mesmeric dance.

Spinner firework effect
An aerial effect that is usually accompanied by a whirling sound as the stars spin and whirl individually and synchronised to others.

Stars firework effect
A glowing, flaming ball of coloured light or colourless crackle that can rise on their own or burst into variegated mini star-shells.

Strobe firework effect
An effect that flickers and flashes in the sky like a gallery of flash bulbs.

Tail firework effect
The comet like trail that is left behind the star.

Willow or Falling Leaves
Willow or Falling Leaves firework effect
A star burst where all the stars "fall" out of the rocket or star-shell and gently drift down to earth to give a delightful effect, best in gold.

Noise Related Effects

BangsĀ andĀ Report

The bang is the most common effect in fireworks and is a thunder clap or technically a report.


The sound of angry rice crispies with lots of snap, crackle and pop.


Tiny tube fireworks that are ejected into the air spinning with such force that they shred their outer coating, in doing so they whizz and hum.


High pitched often very loud screaming and screeching created by the powder burning down a long tube, very much like a tin whistle, but louder.

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